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Zak Quappe Flight Scholarship

The Zak Quappe' Flight Scholarship 

May 3, 1992 - May 18th, 2013

Tree4Life will donate a portion of it's proceeds to The Zak Quappe' Flight Scholarship. The fund is a non-profit organization designed to help a young Caymanians obtain the necessary flight hours and training to obtain their Private Pilot License (PPL). The cost to obtain a Private Pilot License is more now than ever before. A large factor in this is fuel cost. Our goal is to raise $1500 to help contribute toward those costs.  



Zak was passionate about his love of flying. He helped to train a number of students during his time with the Cayman Flying Club, many of them more than twice his age. That is no ordinary task at the young age of 21. It takes discipline, commitment, and lots of hard work. In his short 21 years he gained almost 400 hours of flight time which is quite an achievement. He was due to be called up to Cayman Airways Express in September 2013 until his unfortunate passing.


They say beyond every dark cloud is a silver lining. We at Trees4Life believe that silver lining is keeping the dream alive. The dream to fly and to see Cayman from a birds eye perspective is a dream worthy of such a cause. This is why we named our site Trees4Life. Live life, onward and upward....


For further information about The Zak Quappe' Flight Scholarship, please contact


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Thank you for your support!

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